HUNDEGGER K2 - 5 Achs 450


A used and well-maintained ABA from HUNDEGGER without a planing machine, but with a transfer cross conveyor.

Type. Hundegger K2 – 5 axle 450
EKP control
Year of construction 2007
5-strand feed cross conveyor 2200 mm wide
Extendable wooden shelf
Under-table swivel cross-cut saw – bottom open at the bottom for waste on the conveyor belt
Chrome-plated saw table
Refined wooden support surfaces
Saw blade diameter 800 mm
Universal milling machine 5 axis – With finger milling cutter and dovetail milling cutter
Control for disposal facility
Front marking device
Incl. jet marker
Marking device and labeling device below
Chain – slot device at the rear horizontally
Bottom milling machine vertically
1 drilling rigs below vertically
2 horizontal drilling rigs, one of which is swiveling
Pneumatic beam turning station
Without a planer
Weight of the ABA 15 t

Pure machine length approx. 28 m without protective fences

Available approx. May / June 2024

Sale of the entire used joinery system as seen from the Federal Republic of Germany location without any warranty or guarantee.
Payment 80% of the gross purchase price immediately upon receipt of the invoice without deductions, remaining payment 20% of the gross purchase price exactly 6 weeks before the start of dismantling.
All welding seams, electricity and extraction are removed from the system on site free of charge.
The buyer bears the costs for the mere dismantling of the system by Hundegger and the loading of the system using a truck crane.
The entire system is insured against fire and storms until the dismantling date and will be handed over in writing, fully functional, shortly before dismantling begins.

When purchasing a used Hundegger ABA, a one-off HUNDEGGER membership fee of 9,520.00 euros net plus VAT must be paid.

Please click on the amount for more information.

In return, the customer receives free updates for life and reduced hourly wages in some areas.


  • Manufacturer: Hundegger
  • Series: K2
  • Build Year: 2007
  • Availability: from May/June 2024

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